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Grounded, Grateful, & Growing

A 2-month planner + mindset journal for business owners. Created in collaboration with Monica Little, owner of Plant Based Beauty, and Product Biz Academy.

Monica set out to create more balance in her busy day to alleviate stress, welcome in gratitude, reflect, and focus. Because working until burn-out is NOT the way to success, Monica and I collaborated on creating these guided pages with the busy-bee in mind. This is not just a normal planner for the office, this is a daily practice that gets users into the mindful mindset.

This journal/planner combines work ethic AND self-care into one, so you can be productive and grow your business, while you refuel your energy.

Inside sneak peek at pages:

The Grounded, Grateful, & Growing Planner can be found on Monica's Etsy Shop.

"I am so grateful for Monica developing this wonderful tool. As someone who is attempting to be more mindful when it comes to how I process my day as a small business owner, I have found my journal to be so incredibly helpful. Thank you so much ❤" - Review by SeletaScents

Whether you buy this one, or use your own, may your journaling practice bring you much peace, balance, energy, and success!


Jamie Gold

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