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Hi, I'm Jamie.

Senior Graphic Designer

I have a passion for visual communication and providing a user experience that is aesthetically stimulating while effectively attracting the right audience.

Clifton Strengths: 

Strategic, Relator, Ideation, Empathy, Individuation

Leading From Concept to Creation

Drawing upon my own experiences and expertise, I utilize my deep understanding of art, design, and problem-solving to help businesses bring their visions to life. With a compassionate and intuitive approach, I hope to create a safe and supportive space for clients to explore their challenges, providing insights that resonate deeply with their unique situations.


My ability to ask thought-provoking questions and guide individuals towards self-awareness and empowerment allows my clients to gain clarity, make informed decisions, and navigate challenges with confidence. Within meetings, I strive to help others unlock their inner vision, tap into their innate creative power, and embrace the limitless possibilities that await them on their path.

Computer Keyboard

Note From Me:

"As an intuitive creator, I believe in the balance of data-driven design alongside free-flow expression. With these energies in harmony, I love helping others illuminate their path and empower their abilities.

Since a young age, I love learning about the miraculous possibilities we have available as human beings on Earth. Over the years, I narrowed my focus to mastering our energy and emotions, shifting awareness and awakening consciousnesses for a more fulfilling life.

In the art and design world, I use color theory, deep symbolism, and Law of Attraction to help others turn their visions into reality.


If you are interested in accessing your magic, let's work together!"


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