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Bachelor of Fine Arts: Graphic Design + Photography

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2009

Certified Chakra/Energy Healing

The Academy of Energy Healing / IICT 2020

  • Over 12 years of graphic design experience in a variety of marketing departments for B2B and B2C companies

  • Helping individuals and businesses with branding, graphic design, website design, product/packaging production​

Background Experience

Human Design: Manifestor

Myers-Briggs: INFP Mediator

Clifton Strengths: Strategic, Relator, Ideation, Empathy, Individuation

Hi, I'm Jamie.
I'm here to help you and your business shine. It begins with expressing your soul's work clearly, effectively, and beautifully to the right audience.


The "Why" Behind My Work

I have a passion for art and design, self-development, spirituality, psychology, communication, and environmental protection. These areas of life motivate me to connect authentically with each client to fully understand their challenges and formulate the best solution.


During 2020, the company I worked for had to let go of hundreds of its employees. So, I stepped into the flow of the universe to learn and grow as much as possible. I continually strengthen my abilities to turn ideas into reality with intuitive visualization. I now help businesses and entrepreneurs in fields that help empower individuals and protect our communities and earthly home. 

I believe we all have the power to rise in order to create a wonderful world. As a visual communicator, I am here to help others express their purpose-driven work clearly and beautifully to the public.

Ready to Start Your Project?

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