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Hi, I'm Jamie.

Since the age of 4, I was asking my parents life's BIG existential questions. I found that my curiosity thrived in classes that explored art and literature, psychology, nutrition, biology, and world spirituality. I noticed the pattern being that these topics all focused on helping the human mind, body, and soul to be at full potential through development and evolution.

Basically... "How can I be my best self and live my best life?"

I took this question on as I narrowed my focus to SOUL WORK - mastering our energy and emotions, shifting awareness and awakening consciousnesses for a more fulfilling life. When we can truly be in the NOW, we open our hearts to gratitude, love, peace, and balance.


As for my tools, techniques, and processes, I pull from teachings such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Law of One, Law of Attraction, and more. Instead of following one organized belief system, I practice many, which is called "syncretism", because I have  fun experimenting (and diversity of perspectives is highly beneficial). I bring this mentality into everything I create and teach - from tarot cards, to guided meditations - enjoyment helps balance out the tough stuff!

Soul Work

I have a passion for art and design, self-development, spirituality, psychology, communication, and environmental protection. These areas of life motivate me to connect authentically with each person I meet to fully understand their dreams and challenges in order to formulate the best solution.


In the past: I worked for over 12 years in the corporate 9-5 setting, learning that "hustle culture" was not for me. During 2020, I finally worked up the courage to take the leap and quit. It was scary, but I was determined to step into the flow of the universe, hoping to find a more balanced and aligned way of BEING.


Now: Every person I work with and every project I take part in aligns with my vision for a more conscious and compassionate world. 

Background Experience

2020-2023 (Present) 

Soul Work, Tarot Reading, Intuitive Workshops

After creating a tarot deck called "The Key Tarot", I have been hosting workshops and retreats on how to read cards, tap into intuition, and balance one's energy.  


Earned Certification in Energy/Chakra Healing

The Academy of Energy Healing / IICT​ 

I have hosted many guided meditations, workshops, and community spaces for self-care and development. Classes I have taught include tarot, creative arts, spirituality, energy healing


Solitary Spiritual Studies in Meditation, Energy Healing, Tarot

Remembering and reconnecting with my spiritual studies helped balance my mind, body soul and shift out of old patterns that lead to stress, burnout, anxiety, and depression. My practices keep my energy in flow and allow me to be my best self and contribute to my community.

2009-2020 Career Building (Graphic Design + Photography)

I have had the pleasure of working with a variety of teams and clients as a graphic designer, photographer, ecommerce specialist, and social media manager. Helping individuals and businesses with branding, graphic design, website design, product/packaging production​ are some of my specialties in the field.

2005-2009 College Education

BFA Graphic Design + Photography

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Fun Insights

Astrology: Gemini

Human Design: Manifestor

Myers-Briggs: INFP Mediator

Clifton Strengths: Strategic, Relator, Ideation, Empathy, Individuation

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