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Freelance Videographer + Video Editor
(Local Chicago ONLY)

A new YouTube series is emerging and we are looking for a local videographer and editor to produce high-quality videos. This series is meant to explore local creativity (musicians, artists, innovators, etc.). What will the style of the show be? Think of "Down to Earth" with Zac Efron, with purpose, meaning, and laughter along the way. If you are a passionate, motivated creator, and friendly human being, I look forward to meeting you!

About Us: Hi, I'm Jamie and my team consists of spiritual souls who want to make a positive impact in local communities. We are focused on sharing the stories behind some of the most influentially creative minds out there. If this sounds like it aligns with YOU, please read what we are looking for and fill out your information to apply. 


  • We will be filming on-locations as well as studio-like settings, so please be flexible and able to carry/travel equipment. Can you walk and film at the same time? 

  • Have a car or way to get around. Willing to travel to locations within the Chicago-land area. 

  • Must own video equipment (video camera, microphone, storage cards). We currently have a Canon DSLR and tripod that you can also borrow.

  • Editing: Be able to take footage, turn it into a short 25-45 minute video with clean/fun transitions, music, and title animations

  • Turn around time: please edit footage within 5-7 days.

  • Resizing clips for social media use (Instagram, facebook, Tik Tok sizes)


  • Arrive at location, set up, film interviews and B-Roll footage (2-3 hours)

  • Editing 2-4 hours max per video (I personally can edit a video in 3 hours, so please keep it simple)

  • Upload to YouTube on our schedule (30-60 minutes)

  • Provide most impactful clips and still photos to be used for social media platforms - please be able to resize your clips. Upload to our shared storage folders. (30-60 minutes)

  • TOTAL hours spent per video = 5-8 hours

  • Filming 1-2 videos per month



  • Work on a team of creative, caring, open-minded individuals

  • Be able to share YOUR ideas/vision and try things out

  • Flexible freelance hours

  • Paid by the hour, free snacks/meals provided

  • Network with an array of potential friends, peers, and clients

  • Get your name out there! We believe in promoting everyone for their hard work, so your name and face will be included with our team whenever we can!

Sounds good? We hope to start the interview process 8/6-8/14 and get started end of August! Fill out an application and we will respond ASAP.


You have submitted your application! We will be in touch!

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