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Tarot Readings & Lessons

When you feel lost, uncertain, or stuck, it is an indication to re-align and tune in.

As an intuitive guide, I work with you to uncover the blocks in your natural flow. 

Gain confidence, clarity, and guidance in overcoming your obstacles.

Your session begins with Declaring the Desire and Discovering The Block. Ready to receive clarity and confidence? Book a session below. Or contact me if you have questions.

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Meet Your Guide

For over 20 years, Jamie B. Gold has studied spiritual paths around the world, determined to find the most effective processes in healing, awakening consciousness, and mastering energetic abilities. She has trained with two Reiki masters to earn certifications in Energy Healing/Chakra Balancing as well as spending many years in study and practice with tarot. Jamie is dedicated to continually cleanse and heal her own energy to bring you into alignment.

Certified Chakra Healer, The Academy of Energy Healing / IICT




​"Before my session, I felt excitable, anxious, slightly stressed. During our session, I felt calm, in-the-moment and after I felt happy, uplifted, in control. Our session helped me identify where issues were manifesting in my body. I was also able to notice where I was resisting your words, which helped me realize how I am holding myself back.


Your little words of insight throughout the session sometimes felt like you were psychically in tune with me...a thought or emotion would arise within me, and you would say something relevant to it soon after. Small things you said revealed a lot of insight for me throughout the session.

I would definitely recommend this to others. I go to therapy, and while I am a big proponent of therapy, this helped me realize a lot of issues I was carrying deep down in a more somatic, physical way."

-Maggie, Holistic Copywriter and Astrologist 



"Before my session, I was a little bit nervous, ungrounded, excited but open to what ever came or happened. I felt myself trying to take control, some anxiety at times but Jamie's gentle energy guided me where I needed to be. At the end of the sessions I felt a relief in all of my energy centers. I felt my controlling side come up as well as some family traumas and perception I chose to hold on. The most helpful take-away was in depth explanation of Feminine energy and assistance leading through the healing process.

I would most definitely recommend! It helps to have others see what you can not and assisting you in releasing that energy. Instant relief and release is felt and a deeper understanding to certain situations come into focus. A better understanding and clarity of feelings."

- Alexandra V., Yoga Instructor



"I really needed some clarity and guidance after I lost my job and was feeling directionless and stressed. Jamie helped me focus my energy, which alone helped me feel more calm. I felt supported and empowered at the same time. Jamie helped me understand the messages the universe was sending me through thoughtful interpretations and patiently answering all of my questions and impressions.


When I started to wander with anxiety and stress, she helped me center. Jamie even gave me specific mantras and actionable steps to help my heart and crown chakras!


I can’t recommend a session with Jamie enough. You will feel peaceful, supported and really listened to. I’m definitely going to make these readings part of my self care practice for my mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Thank you, Jamie!!" 💕✨

- Anna R., Founder of Virtue Alchemy Candle Co.

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