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Image by Jess Bailey

Funnel Campaigns

Generate leads with data-driven designs geared towards higher conversions. Below is a REAL sample journey from September to October 2023.

Research > Design > Testing > Results

Before designing anything for a client, I start with gathering as much information as possible. This includes diving deep into defining the ideal client and target market to learn about who you are trying to attract and convert.

My design-work is influenced by a combination of competition research, knowledge of symbol and color psychology, years of design experience, as well as current social trends.


+21.6k FB Ad Impressions

+260 Email Opt-Ins

+17 High-Ticket Conversions

Cost Per Click = $1.41

Total Ad Spend = $1,118.44

Conversion Earnings = $8,415

Total Profit = $7,296

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